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Client Testimonials

The team here is truly remarkable! They treat you as if you were a part of their own family. Their willingness to tackle every challenge I presented to them has been impressive. A huge thank you to everyone!

Aparna P

Hiring a lawyer in Pune while sitting here in Delhi was an absolute cakewalk- all thanks to the the extremely dedicated team of SangsLegal who have been helping me fight my divorce case in Pune. It has already been a highly satisfying experience.

Maninder Kaur

Within minutes of posting my legal query on a matrimonial matter on the portal of SangsLegal, my query was answered by top lawyers . The replies were quick, prompt and gave me a clear understanding of the law that surrounds my concerns. Thank you Sangslegal...

Suwarna Pandit

Choosing a right lawyer for a specific issue is a great dilemma. But Sanglegal solved my problem.I was looking for a suitable and experiance lawyer to represent in a criminal matter. I contacted Sangslegal.com ,they engaged a criminal law expert to conduct my case. I am fully satisfied with the way he is dealing with the case. Thank you Sangslegal..

Prakash Jha

Definitely! Sangslegal lawyers are well-informed and highly professional. I wouldn't think twice about recommending their firm!

Ruchika Tondon

 I'm  NRI living in the US. Even before setting a foot in India, I already had a team of three lawyers ready for consultation on my property case. All thanks to the amazing services from SangsLegal. Their assistance not only took a weight of stress from my shoulders, but they even made me confident about getting successful outcomes and I couldn't be more satisfied!

Anupriya Verma

I got in touch with SangsLegal to connect with a Supreme Court lawyer regarding an urgent bail matter. The speed at which I was connected to the lawyer was impressive. Well done, SangsLegal!

Rajesh Kumar

SangsLegal was super useful when I had a surprise legal problem come up. An legal expert provided by SangsLegal took care of the case personally, was always ready to respond, and tirelessly worked with the other side to achieve a result that worked in our favor. I'd strongly suggest considering SangsLegal if you ever need help!

Subrato Das

I met with an accident and really struggled to find legal help because no lawyer thought my case would bring in enough money. But thankfully, things changed when I spoke to Sangslegal. Sangslegal encouraged me that my case was valid and was keen on getting it started right away and explained all legal aspects patiently.The lawyer assigned to me by Sangslegal to deal with my case was very patient and helpful with my queries. I personally believe no other platform and its lawyer would have put in as much time and effort with me as they did. I'm truly grateful for SangsLegal's assistance.




 The response to my query was prompt and discussions were detailed. Thank you for your help.

Kapil Chowdhary

 I approached  sangslegal to discuss my marital issues and I got an immediate response and appropriate guidance from her for which I am very thankful to her. I really appreciate her vision as a professional as well as a human being also.Thank you

Seema Singh

Thank you for the consultation and appropriate legal advice that helped me solve my issues.

Dr.Ganga Patted


I got really helpful inputs. The lawyer quite patiently listened to all my issues and provided her suggestions.Big thank you,highly appreciated.

Shalu Saikia

Thank you so much for all your legal advices. These really helped me out a lot. Regards


Frequently Asked Questions

Your General and Legal FAQ's

A "virtual law firm" is just a legal office that operates entirely on the web. It is just like a traditional firm but these online law offices are subject to the same regulatory rules. So, you can trust that the legal services you get from them are on the up and up.

Virtual law firms are seriously cool for clients. They focus on giving you a custom   experience using online platforms, which can make dealing with a lawyer a breeze. They use stuff like easy-to-use communication platforms for both sides. You usually find this in the form of web chats, video chats and even interactive virtual assistants. Plus, technology helps lawyers work faster. So, you can expect quick delivery times when you work with virtual law firms.

-It's cost-effective!

-You'll get things done quicker

-Enjoy a smooth and easy client experience

-It's super convenient for you!

-You'll have better access to services .

With cloud-based platforms, our team can collaborate effortlessly, irrespective of their geographical location. Investing in video conferencing tools, messaging apps, and project management software will not only boost communication but also optimize the workflow processes.

Foster a culture of regular check-ins, virtual meetings, and video conferences to ensure our team is always up-to-date. Leverage instant messaging platforms such as Slack for swift, real-time questions and updates.Here's an idea - setting up dedicated channels for specific cases or practice areas.This will keep your discussions on point.1

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